What are the Special Features of Safeglow products?

We specialise in USB-rechargeable LED Safety Products for cyclists, joggers, runners, dog owners, hikers, night workers and event personnel. Our products are easily recharged from a USB laptop or wall plug in a matter of hours. Our compact LED products like our Arm Bands and Slap Bands use low-cost CR2032 batteries which are included with those products. We’ll even throw in a spare CR2032 battery with every LED band you  purchase. Our Silicone Clip-on LED Lights are tough and water resistant, enabling their use in wet weather; great for your peace of mind. Replacement quality Sony batteries are available on our website for $14.50 for a 5 Pack. SAFETY NOTE: Batteries should be stored safely and locked away from children. Refer to our Button Battery Safety Tips on our Home Page for further guidelines.