Why should I purchase Safeglow® Products?

With busy work, school & household schedules, often the most convenient time for you to exercise or to walk your dog is in the early hours of the morning or in the evenings, when visibility is poor. This can make both you and your pets difficult to see by motorists. Safeglow is a specialist in LED Fitness & Safety Gear for people and pets. Our USB rechargeable apparel & accessories vastly reduce your risk of injury by making you highly visible during dawn or dusk or on the darkest of nights. Simply activate the bright LED lights on our fitness & safety gear and you will be seen up to 500 metres away (approx. 1,600 feet), giving ample time for motorists to see you and to slow down. Your family will have real peace of mind knowing your Safeglow gear makes you highly visible in the dark and in all weather conditions.