Safeglow® 130dB Panic Alarm, LED Torch & Emergency Strobe Light. USB RECHARGEABLE


The Safeglow Premium 130dB Panic Alarm and Flashlight has the following features:

  • One handed operation; essential if you fall over, or are attacked
  • Easy to Use for the Elderly – 2 simple ways to activate alarm
  • The SOS alarm alerts others to a medical emergency or fall
  • The piercing 130dB siren wards off attackers and intruders
  • The bright LED torch is handy when you’re coming home
  • The dual high-intensity LED bulbs are bright and efficient
  • The convenient keychain clips onto pants or a handbag strap
  • Compact size to keep in your sports belt or in your car glovebox
  • The alarm is USB rechargeable with a 30 minute fast charge
  • Environmentally friendly design with no batteries to replace

Beware of cheap battery-operated panic alarms which have a ‘pull-out’ alarm strap and poor quality flashlight! They may be totally ineffective if you fall over or are attacked, as they require BOTH HANDS to activate the panic alarm. Safeglow alarms are easily activated with only ONE HAND for your safety.

The Safeglow Panic Alarm is an invaluable personal safety device to wear when you’re exercising alone or walking your dog in the dark and to scare off attackers and intruders. The Panic Alarm is also ideal to protect elderly relatives by instantly alerting people nearby to a fall or a medical emergency. The Safety Alarm is priced at $24.50, a small price for peace of mind for family members and friends. 2-Alarm gift packs are also available for only $46.50.

CONTACT US for volume discounts on 20 or more Safeglow Personal Safety Alarms for your clients and staff. Alarms offer protection for Community Village Residents, Security & Event Personnel, Victims of Domestic Violence, Personal Trainers, Night Shift Workers, Tour Guides & Dog Trainers.

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