Genuine Gerber® Recon 4-Colour LED Flashlight with Twist Bezel


Yes, the iconic Gerber Recon Task 4-Colour Flashlights is in stock; imported directly from the USA. As our remaining stock is very limited, customers may only purchase 1 flashlight per order. Purchase one more item and you’ll receive a Safeglow LED Belt, valued at $29.95 as our gift.


  • Professional flashlight with clever twist bezel. Four output colours; white, green, red and blue
  • Water resistant & made from high quality anodised aluminium. Weighs only 74 gm (2.6 oz.)
  • Flashlight length of 8.4 cm (3.3″) with integrated clip for hands-free use. Great for dog walking
  • Pack includes 1 x AA size Energiser Battery.

GERBER® RECON 4-COLOUR FLASHLIGHT USES: This iconic Gerber Flashlight is designed in Oregon, USA. The Recon Flashlight features a clever twist bezel, providing 4 output colours: White (a personal flashlight), Red (to preserve night vision), Green (for map reading and for observing wildlife at night) and Blue (for liquid I.D. think CSI). A fun learning tool for children, showing the effect of different coloured light-waves in the dark.

The 4 colours provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids. It is also a great personal torch when you’re camping; with its narrow LED beam you won’t disturb others in the night when nature calls!

The perfect gift for dog walkers, campers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, police & armed services.