Safeglow® LED Cycling & Riding Safety Vest. Lime Green & Orange


USB rechargeable with slim power pack, front zip pouch, reflective trim and lightweight unisex mesh design. Check-out the multitude of our unique LED safety vest features below.


  • Lightweight and breathable mesh construction. Fits comfortably over vests & jackets
  • Latest LED technology with built-in slimline Power Pack and handy Zip Pouch
  • Available in hi-vis Lime Green and Orange colours to alert motorists day and night
  • Front & back LED Light Strips are highly-visible up to 500 metres away (1,600 feet)
  • 4 Push-button light modes; Off, Slow Flash, Fast Flash and Steady Glow
  • The safety vest will glow for up to 18 hours on the Slow Flash mode when fully charged
  • The safety vest will recharge in 3 hours from a USB phone charger (cable supplied)
  • The hi-vis vest can be worn during the day, with the LED Light turned on when required
  • A 360 degree reflective waistband ensures you are visible to motorists from every angle
  • Side Straps are adjustable to fit waists from 80 cm (31.5 inches) to 118 cm (46.5 inches)

BENEFITS OF OUR LED SAFETY VEST: When cycling, jogging or horse riding in low light, it is vital to be seen by motorists to be safe. Our unique Safeglow® LED Vest offers a multitude of safety features in a lightweight & breathable mesh design. When activated, the vest displays a brightly glowing green panel on your chest and two glowing red panels on your back. The light panels are powered by a slim internal power pack which is easily recharged from the USB cable supplied. A 360-degree reflective waistband offers additional safety at night. This smart feature-packed vest is a potential lifesaver for cyclists, couriers and food delivery personnel on busy roads!

Safeglow LED Vests are priced at only $38.50. A small price to pay for your safety and peace of mind. Purchase 3 OR MORE vests and you will receive a FREE Safeglow LED Belt valued at $29.95; ideal for holding your keys & credit cards when dog walking, jogging, hiking, fishing or camping.

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