Premium Illuminated LED Belt with 2 Zip Pockets. Holds large smartphones!


The Safeglow® Premium LED Fitness Belt is the only belt on the market to cater for waist sizes from 80 cm to 140 cm. The pockets also hold large screen smartphones!

When exercising or jogging in low light, it is important to be visible to motorists for your own safety. The Safeglow® Premium LED Jogging Belt is designed to increase your visibility at night whilst also providing handy storage for your mobile phone, keys, credit cards etc. The bright 180 degree Band of Light from the belt can be seen up to 500 metres away (over 1,600 feet), alerting motorists to your presence well in advance. The belt features two zip pockets, so your phone can be kept separate from keys & coins to prevent screen scratches. Latest LED technology with built-in slim USB power pack & two handy zip pockets. 180 degree LED Light Strip is highly-visible up to 500 metres away (over 1,600 feet). NOTE – unlike many competitor belts, the pockets on our Premium Belts are weather resistant and big enough to securely hold large screen smartphones like an iPhone 10 Max.

  • 180 degree LED Light Strip is highly-visible up to 500 metres away (over 1,600 feet)
  • 4 Push-button Light modes; Off, Fast Flash, Slow Flash and Steady Glow
  • The belt will glow for over 20 hours on the Slow Flash mode when fully charged
  • The belt will recharge in a matter of hours with the standard USB cable supplied
  • The belt can be worn during the day, with the LED Light turned on when required
  • Pockets are rubber-lined with sealed zippers for use in all weather conditions
  • Rubber grommet on one pocket allows your earphone cable to be conveniently inserted
  • The belt can be worn in light rain as the slim power pack is securely located inside 1 pocket


MEDIUM BELT to fit waist 80-120 cm (31.5-47.2 in). LARGE BELT to fit waist 90-140 cm (35.5-55.0 in). SMALL BELT: click on link – Small LED Jogging Belt – for Belts to fit waists from 65 cm (25 in.)

Special Offer: 1 LED Slap Band valued at $11.95 is included FREE with purchase, until 29th Feb 2020. *Limit of 1 Gift per Order. Refer to instructions on Checkout to claim your Gift. LED Slap Bands are a perfect Gift for Cyclists, Joggers, Dog Walkers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

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