Premium Light Up LED Slap Band. For Fitness & Parties!


Our Slap Bands are great for keeping cyclist pants protected from Greasy Bike chains. The glowing LED Bands are also fun I.D. Bracelets for Parties, Product Launches & Special Events.

Safeglow® Premium LED Slap Bands vastly improve your safety when you are out jogging, cycling, hiking or walking your dog at night, by increasing your visibility to around 500 metres (over 1,600 feet). With just a ‘flick of your wrist’ these lightweight, brightly glowing LED Bands will curl around your wrist or ankle in an instant and will fit anyone aged 8 years & up. Our illuminated Slap Bands provide you and your loved ones with real peace of mind.

The Premium Slap Bands feature our Featherlite & Ultrabrite Dry-Tek® Design and are brand new to the Australian market. They have heat-welded seams for superior durability and weather resistance. There are three LED light modes: Off, Slow Flash & Steady Glow. They will glow for up to 50 hours on Slow Flash mode before the single battery (included) requires changing. Premium LED Slap Bands are priced at $17.50 for one Band and only $32.50 for two Bands. Available in five vibrant colours – Blue, Pink, Lime Green, Orange and Red.

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Special Offer: 1 LED Slap Band valued at $11.95 is included FREE with purchase, until 29th Feb 2020. *Limit of 1 Gift per Order. Refer to instructions on Checkout to claim your Gift. LED Slap Bands are a perfect Gift for Cyclists, Joggers, Dog Walkers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

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