LED Jogging & Cycling Belt. Perfect for Couriers!

$27.50 $14.20

Reduces your risk of injury by increasing your visibility to motorists at night or in low light

The Safeglow┬« Illuminated LED Belt vastly improves your visibility when you are out walking, exercising your dog, jogging, cycling or hiking. The belt has two power-button modes: Slow Flash and Steady Glow and comes in two waist sizes: SMALL – 70 to 100 cm waist (27.5 to 39.5 in) and MEDIUM – 80 to 110 cm waist (31.5 to 43.5 in). The Small Size Belt features two zip-pockets, ideal for holding your keys, cash & doggie bags. The belts have adjustable elastic straps and a strong clip-latch; ideal for attaching to the rear of your backpack for high-visibility when cycling on busy roads.

The LED Belt will operate for 15 hours on the Slow Flash mode before it requires recharging with the USB Cable supplied. Improve your safety at night with a Safeglow Belt-Light and be visible to motorists up to 500 metres away (over 1,600 feet) . Special Offer: 1 LED Slap Band valued at $11.95 is included FREE with belt purchase, valid until 31st July 2020. *Limit of 1 Gift per Order. Refer to instructions on Checkout to claim your bonus Gift.

  • The Small Belt with Pockets (70 to 100 cm waist – 27.5 to 39.5 in) is available in Lime Green, Orange & Red. Currently on Special for only $9.95 with your 30% ‘Health Crisis’ Discount applied.
  • The Medium Belt (80 to 110 cm waist – 31.5 to 43.5 in) is available in Lime Green, Blue, Pink & Orange. Currently on Special for only $9.95 with your 30% ‘Health Crisis’ Discount applied.
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