Safeglow Premium 20,000mAh Wireless Power Bank


Safeglow Premium 20,000mAh WIRELESS CHARGING Power Bank

The Safeglow Power Bank has a huge 20000mAh capacity – enough to recharge a mobile phone up to 4 times. The Powerbank features both output and input wireless charging. Place a phone on top of the power bank to charge the phone. Place the power bank on top of a charging pad to charge the power bank.

Additional Power Bank Features:

  • Suits all compatible Android, Windows & iOS phones
  • Blue indicator lights to show the charging level
  • Ability to charge up to 3 mobile phones at a time
  • Both ‘Type C’ and ‘Micro USB’ input charge sockets
  • Quality impact-resistant silicone housing
  • Available in black, white and grey colours

Safeglow® Wireless Charging Power Banks are $59.95 each. Note: similar power banks retail for over $100.00. Purchase 2 or more power banks and you’ll receive a FREE Safeglow LED Sports Belt valued at $29.95; ideal for holding your keys & credit cards when dog walking, hiking and fishing.

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