Safeglow Wearable Bluetooth Speaker + Hands-Free Mobile Calls


The Safeglow Wearable Bluetooth Speaker for all sport activities

  • GRIP Speaker loops onto your bike handlebars, backpack & gym bag
  • WRIST Speaker includes wristband & speaker clips for pocket & t-shirt
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with 10 metre range from your phone
  • One-touch button to answer phone calls whilst you are on the move
  • Featuring high clarity sound with deep base and clear treble tones
  • Durable impact-resistant silicone housing for tough outdoor use
  • IPX6 water resistant rating; the speaker is able to cope with light rain
  • 2-hour fast charge and 8-hour playback time for versatile daily use

JUST RELEASED, the Safeglow® wearable Bluetooth speaker offers convenience & entertainment in the palm of your hand. We believe it’s the best wearable Bluetooth speaker on the market today. GRIP Speaker: $69.50, WRIST Speaker: $79.50. DANGLE IT or WEAR IT! Waterproof Rating is IPX6.


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